about medicine farm botanicals

About Medicine Farm Botanicals

Medicine Farm Botanicals is a joint venture founded by a husband and wife team in the high desert of Central Oregon in 2011. Our original mission was to provide the Bend, Oregon O.M.M.P. community with consistent, high quality medicine. However, we have since grown to serve more than 150 dispensaries in Portland, Astoria, Newport, Eugene, Bend, and Medford.

Maria Worsley, Co-Founder

After graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from the University of Georgia, Maria Worsley planned to continue her education towards her Masters and become a therapist. This changed, however, when she relocated to Oregon and began making her own cannabis-infused products.

A chili-head, Maria has always had an affinity for all spicy foods. While researching the benefits of capsaicin on the human body, she came across the benefits of cannabis for treatment of cancer, chronic pain, and other detrimental ailments.

Many years ago, Maria had her own personal journey of trauma and transformation through holistic change. After suffering from depression and past trauma from an upbringing in the foster care system, cannabis helped manifest her own healing journey. She strives to help others achieve the peace she found.

Maria has taken it upon herself to break down the myths about cannabis and reeducate people on this magnificent herb. She loves to read and listen to a patient’s testimony on how one of her products have them.

med farm staff maria

Chris Worsley, Co-Founder

Originally from Georgia, Chris Worsley worked for several years in the wholesale adult beverage industry. In 2011, Chris and his wife sold everything they owned and drove 2,600 miles to pursue their dream in Oregon on a wing and a prayer. That same year, they started an OMMP growing operation in Central Oregon.

Once the gray market matured and OHA began to regulate the dispensary market, they ventured to Bend where they started creating cannabis-infused topicals. The lack of professionally consistent finished products available in the retail market left patients asking for more ways to medicate. Thus, Medicine Farm was born.

Chris and his wife, Maria, strive to be a socially responsible organization – never putting profit before people. Nothing makes Chris prouder than making a living, while improving the quality of life for all of his customers.

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Call us at: 458-201-7456

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