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Cannabis-Infused Balms & Oils

At Medicine Farm Botanicals, our goal is to revitalize and nourish skin with a harmonious blend of natural and essential oils infused with herbs, botanicals, and cannabis.

The skin is the largest, and often most neglected, organ. Botanicals are the key ingredients for skin to stay healthy and hydrated. Our all-natural body care products aim to balance, nourish, and help preserve your skin.

We use the highest quality carrier oils, essential oils, and botanicals. We use these in combination with third-party, lab-tested phytocannabinoid extracts from local extractors to create each of our products. All of the phytocannabinoid extracts we use in our formulas are purchased from farms that utilize sustainable and organic farming practices.

Our balms & oils are formulated with natural ingredients and free of pesticides and other harsh chemicals. We strive to create our products responsibly to ensure our customers peace of mind when using our products.

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Oil Collection

“The way to health is to have an aromatic bath and a scented massage every day.”
– Hippocrates

rose face cream

Rose & Sandalwood Face Serum

arnica massage oil

Evergreen Massage Oil

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